How to find my Steam ID

For a variety of reasons, players can be stuck searching for their Steam ID -- and commonly confuse it with their steam username, or gamer tag. We hope to answer the question: Where do I find my Steam ID?.

The technics detailed below can also be used to find the Steam ID of another player.

Steam Community ID

The simplest way to identify the Steam ID of a player is to visit their Steam Community profile page. The web address of their profile will contain the 64 bit Steam ID, displayed as 17 digits.


If the user has a custom Steam Community URL, the 64 bit Steam ID will not be visible within the URL. In order to obtain the ID, you will need to perform a lookup using the Steam ID finder on this website.

Locate Steam ID In-Game

Some of the games on Steam have the option to look up ones ID via an in-game console by pressing the tilde " ~ " key and typing in a command like status. This is bring up the in-game console window and host a variety of different information depending on the games unique command console such as Internet Protocol Address, players on the server, the build of the game, the host name your ping and of course your steam ID.