This page is intended to provide insight into the VAC Ban List, and it's impact to you as both a player, or server operator.

How to get VAC Banned?

If you are VAC Banned, you will not be able to participate on the majority of both community and official game servers.

The primary reason for a VAC Ban is cheating or exploiting the game while playing on VAC-enabled servers. Typically, you will be notified that you are joining a VAC-enabled server, and will be provided with the option to disconnect.

It is also possible for installed game modifications to false trigger a VAC ban. For this reason, it is best to use the Vanilla game files, when playing online or on multiplayer servers.

How to Check if a player is VAC Banned?

To view your Steam accounts status, and whether it has a VAC ban or not, insert your Steam ID into the form at the top of the page.
The resulting page will tell you if you have received a VAC ban.

Vac Ban Remover

Because VAC is an external database, it will not be possible to download an application or hire someone to remove your VAC Ban.
Additionally, Steam support will not remove the VACban, making it rather permanent. For this reason, it is best to avoid cheating in online games.

If the user has a custom Steam Community URL, the 64 bit Steam ID will not be visible within the URL. In order to obtain the ID, you will need to perform a lookup using the Steam ID finder on this website.

Locate Steam ID In-Game

Some of the games on Steam have the option to look up ones ID via an in-game console by pressing the tilde " ~ " key and typing in a command like status. This is bring up the in-game console window and host a variety of different information depending on the games unique command console such as Internet Protocol Address, players on the server, the build of the game, the host name your ping and of course your steam ID.