Envul GBL

Envul provides insight into player bans through Global Ban List (GBL).

CBSM users can 'opt-in' to the GBL to enable in-game alerts - however, this page can also be used for performing manual searches. Alternatively, the developer API can be used, to integrate the GBL into your application.

What is a Global Ban List?

Typically managed by a third party, a Global Ban List or GBL will allow game servers and their moderators to perform both manual and automated queries, to identify wether a player has out-standing bans, and why those bans may have been placed.

The data obtained from the Global Ban List can then be used in a variety of ways - either by the server admin, or through an application running on the game server. The end result will typically range from sending notifications about the potentially troublesome player, to removing them from the game server completely.

In simplest terms, the Global Ban List allows server owners to combine their ban records, in hopes that the resulting data can provide a reasonable level of insight about a player and their recent gaming habits.

How do I add a player to the Global Ban List?

The Envul GBL can be updated through the Cloud-based Server Manager, or through the developer API.